Fall 2021 Season Program

2020-2021 Season Preview

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SEPTEMBER 18/19, 2020

Listening to Jung in These Troubling Times

Jung, Synchronicity, and the New Sciences

Jeffrey Kiehl
JANUARY 15/16, 2021

Apocalyptic Themes in Jungian Work with Alienated Boys and Men

Robert Tyminski
OCTOBER 16/17, 2020

Individuation Hijacked: Persona and Hero in an Evolving Universe

Gary Trosclair
FEBRUARY 19/20, 2021

Dreams, Life, Death and the Alchemical Wedding

Monika Wikman
NOVEMBER 13/14, 2020

We Think with our Hearts: Reading Jung through Native Eyes

Think with our Hearts: Indigenous Ideas of Spirit and Transformation

Jeanne Lacourt
MARCH 19/20, 2021

The Seven Deadly Sins Viewed through the Lens of Depth Psychology

Portraits in Pathology

James Hollis
DECEMBER 4/5, 2020

Living Symbols of the Tarot: A Journey Through Archetypal Patterns of Soul

Maria Ellen Chiaia
APRIL 16/17, 2021

Spiritual Transformation through Matter: The Image of Number in Jung’s Final Insight

Gary Sparks