The Oregon Friends of Jung is a community of individuals who seek to enlarge and deepen their understanding of life’s challenges and stages, with the expectation that this inner work confers a sense of shared meaning and purpose. Our members and our audience-at- large span all walks of life, all ages, and all levels of familiarity with Jungian psychology.  Our Friday Talks and Saturday Workshops are open to anyone.  We carefully choose speakers with expertise, depth and integrity to engage attendees who come with differing typologies and interests. At our programs, some attendees may enjoy meeting and conversing, while others prefer to sit quietly and undisturbed, but all share a feeling of being among others who are interested in an inner life.


Membership to OFJ is open to anyone interested in the work of C.G. Jung. Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. See a list of our upcoming 2022-2023 programs!

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Regular Memberships are $95 per year and include free admission to all regularly scheduled Friday Talks.
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Journey Memberships are $395 per year, and include free admission to all regularly scheduled Friday Talks and Saturday Workshops, as well as all the benefits of a regular membership.  Journey memberships are designed for those seeking deeper engagement with the work of Carl Jung.
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