The Archetype of the Foreigner - Feared or Embraced?

Jutta von Buchholtz

The immigration crisis points to burning humanitarian issues. Foreigners, walls, outsiders and disturbing changes are accompanying the powerful emergence of the archetype of the Foreigner in our nation, as well as globally. How are we to understand the constellation of the foreigner in our midst? To paraphrase C.G. Jung: what we don’t make conscious we will inevitably and tragically meet outside as fate. How does this apply now?

We will explore the archetype of the Foreigner on the objective as well as the subjective levels. When do we roll out the welcome mat and when do we bar the doors, culturally as well as inner-psychically? A wide selection of images will guide us in our exploration of the topic.

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Foreigner: Friend or Foe? Agent Of Change.

In the workshop we will continue circumambulating the topic and attempt to answer some of the questions that arose during the lecture. We will add fairy tales and myths and additional images to help foster increased awareness of the shadowy other and the changes this archetype can bring about. This will be a participatory workshop – where you will engage with either a myth or a fairy tale in order to deeply connect with the ambivalent archetype of the Foreigner within and without, as friend or foe.

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Jutta von Buchholtz, Ph.D. is a Zürich trained Jungian Analyst. She is also an L.P.C. and has a private practice in Birmingham, Alabama. Her Ph.D. in medieval literature from Vanderbilt University is particularly helpful as she applies it to her Jungian understanding of myths, legends and fairy tales in her work with clients.  Dr. von Buchholtz is part of the core faculty of both the New Orleans and Memphis-Atlanta IRSJA training seminars. She gives lectures, conducts retreats and workshops in the U.S.A. and occasionally at ISAP in Zürich.