Living in Harmony with the Natural World: The Lakota World View

Dyane N. Sherwood

Dyane Sherwood will speak about the symbolic and experiential way that the Lakota (“Sioux”) tribe’s ancient spiritual tradition situates the individual within the natural world and within community. We will look at fundamental symbols and rituals, as well as a story that teaches the value of feminine wisdom. This will be related to the alienation and suffering expressed by many people seeking psychotherapy today, who have lost their orientation and sense of belonging in the natural world and within a community with shared values. The lecture will be followed by a ritual of drumming as a form of active imagination, as practiced by the late Donald Sandner. Wear comfortable clothing and bring drums and rattles so we can celebrate together at the end.
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Coyote, the Great North American Trickster

Claudio Orso-Giacon, Moonlight & Serenade, 2016. Woodblock. By permission.
Claudio Orso-Giacon, Moonlight & Serenade, 2016. Woodblock. By permission.

Dyane Sherwood will introduce you to Coyote, who indulges his greedy and lascivious nature and tries to get what he wants through trickery and a disregard for cultural norms. He was a popular figure throughout native peoples in North America, whose stories used outrageous humor to teach us about the Coyote in ourselves and warn us about the Coyote in others.

Each person will have the opportunity to use paper clay, paint, and other art supplies to make your own Coyote figure. We will make the figures in the morning, and then paint and decorate them after lunch. You may also wish to write a story of your own about an encounter with Coyote!

We will end the day by studying a no-longer practiced Navajo story and healing ritual that takes us more deeply into the evil and harm caused by Coyote when his path leads to addiction, abuse, and mental illness.

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Dyane N. Sherwood, Ph.D. did her analytic training at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, where she was certified in Adult and in Child and Adolescent Analysis. After graduation, she served as Editor of The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal (which she re-visioned as Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche), on the Board, as a speaker in public programs, and as a Training Analyst. In 2010, she moved to Oberlin, Ohio, where she has a private practice. She has published book chapters and articles and also co-authored a book with the late Joseph Henderson, MD, Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis (Routledge, 2003). Website: