The Little Dream that Doesn't Mean Anything

Tess Castleman

When a dream is forgotten, dismissed, ignored or called names (“worthless, a snippet, stupid, etc.”), important information is lost.  A discussion with clinical examples will explore what many miss:  the quiet beginnings of consciousness evidenced in what is often overlooked.  The beginning of a process is sacred ground to stand upon.  Alchemical parallels, world dreams, fairy tale imagery and elements of dreaming that are routinely misunderstood will be discussed as well. More details.

The World Dream

There are a few curious dreams that many people have:  loosing teeth, being in public without clothes, taking a college final without having gone to class, among others.  This seminar will explore what these dreams mean if we omit the ubiquitous response, “Oh, that’s just an anxiety dream.”  The dreams present information that corrects/compensates/confronts the world or culture rather than the individual; just what are these dreams telling us about our culture, our world?  Working in groups participants will be instructed how to decode these curious universal dreams to see if insight and direction might emerge. More details.

Tess Castleman, MA, LPC, is a Jungian training ana­lyst and the author of Threads, Knots, Tapestries and Sacred Dream Circles. Besides practicing in Dallas and Zurich, she leads groups in dream circles, writing seminars, creative process experience as well as active imagination/dream retreats in locations throughout the world. She was elected to the Curatorium, (the governing body of the Jung Institute of Zurich) as the only non-resident of Switzerland where she served for six years. There she helped to implement a revamped English training program. She has founded Das Tiefengeist Institut, a training institute for helpers and healers to deepen their work with the unconscious. She lives in Manitou Springs, CO and Dallas, Texas.