2018-2019 Season Preview

Mark your Calendars!

Here are are scheduled speakers and topics for our next season. In July we’ll post details on the Fall lectures and workshops, as well as membership and program registration information.

September 21-22 Thomas Elsner Active Imagination and the Romantic Poets
October 19-20 James  Hollis In-Between Times: Something Gone, Something Not Yet
November 9-10 Fanny Brewster  The Creative Self: Dreams, Secrets and Wishes
December 7-8 Penelope Tarasuk  Dreaming Animals:  Individuation in a Jungian Analysis
January 18-19 Jeffrey Kiehl  A Jungian Take on Climate Change
Healing the Split with Our Animate World
February 15-16 Gary Sparks Jung’s Red Book for our Times
March 15-16 Jutta Von Buchholtz  The Healing Power of Fairytales
April 12-13 Tess Castleman Understanding the World Dream


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Fairy Tales: Archetypal Forays into the Deep Psyche

This Event is Sold Out.

Send an email to info@ofj.org if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

Fairy tales surprise, delight, and inform. Revealing the dynamics of the psyche, they speak to both personal and universal human experience through stories that are rich in images and symbols. In this seminar we will experience the vitality of fairy tales and, using Jung’s essential ideas and concepts, explore the ways in which the tales can be helpful in working with relationships, dreams and the basic questions of existence.

The sessions will occur on six Sundays, from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

The first three sessions will be led by Dunbar Carpenter.

  • Sept. 9,   2018
  • Sept. 16, 2018
  • Sept. 23, 2018

The second three sessions will be led by Dominique Marguerite.

  • Sept. 30, 2018
  • Oct. 7, 2018
  • Oct. 21, 2018

Continuing Education Credits are available, with one hour of CE credit for each hour of attendance. CEUs will be available for purchase, at a cost of $10, which will cover all CEUs earned over the six-session seminar.

Attendance is limited to 12 people. If the seminar is full and you would like to be added to our waitlist, please write to us at info@ofj.org. If you have any questions,  please call 503-223-3080.

Required Reading:

Von Franz, M. L (1982) An Introduction to the Interpretation of Fairy Tales. Asheville, NC: Chiron Publications.  This will be our primary text, in addition to the particular fairy tale or tales that will be the subject of each seminar meeting.  The fairy tales to be discussed at each meeting will be sent to each participant by email or distributed at the time of the seminar.

Further readings (optional):

  • Birkhäuser-Oeri S. (1988). The Mother, Archetypal Image in Fairy Tales. Toronto, ON: Inner City Books.
  • Chinen, A. B. (1993). Once Upon a Midlife. NewYork, NY: Putnam.
  • Kast, V. (1999). The Mermaid in the Pond. New York, NY: Continuum.
  • Murray Stein and Lionel Corbett  (Eds.). Psyches Stories, Volume 1-2-3  (1991-1995). Asheville NC: Chiron Publications.
  • Jacobi, M., Kast, V., Riedel, I. (1992). Witches, Ogres and the Devils Daughter. Boston, MA: Shambhala Publications.
  • Ulanov, A. and B. (1983). Cinderella and Her Sisters. Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press.

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