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Courses with James Hollis, Ph.D.
James Hollis is one of the most prolific and accessible Jungian authors and speakers today.  Dr. Hollis has come regularly since 1993 to Oregon Friends of Jung and  he last spoke here in November 2023. OFJ members have access to  all of the lectures he has given at OFJ via our audio streaming.  Below,  we are pleased to share
other online courses that Dr. Hollis has given.
Film by James Hollis, Ph.D. and Jose Pardo
“I am very pleased to tell you that for several years filmmaker Jose Pardo and I have been working on a film addressing the plight of modern men adrift in competitive materialist culture or lost to various forms of self-medication.  Our purpose has been to cast some light on their rudderless state, bring some Jungian insights to the table, and launch a dialogue with them we think might prove helpful to them.  We now have a 23+ minute film we wish to share with you.  Our purposes have been and remain non-profit, and after we have recouped our out of pocket expenses, we plan to distribute any further proceeds to other non-profits which serve abused women or boys, and men at risk. For $1.99 you can watch the film as often as you wish.”
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