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Oregon Friends of Jung originated in 1974, when 50 individuals responded to an ad in a local paper to meet under a tree and discuss Jungian ideas. Since then, community and connection have remained at the core of our organization and all that we do. This Community Offerings Page provides a place for OFJ members to share opportunities to further the knowledge of and interest in Jungian psychology.

Only OFJ members may post to this page. If you would like to create a post, please become a member. Posts will not display until they have been reviewed. Posts that are not relevant to Jungian psychology or OFJ will not be accepted. Oregon Friends of Jung does not endorse members, programs or the classes offered, nor should appearance on this page be considered to be a comment on the quality of any services offered.

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Book gathering: "Religious but not Religious" by Jason SmithMember-Member ConnectionsI’ve just begun to read this book and would love to share the experience of discovering it. Full title is “Religious but not Religious – ... Read moreKatharyn Waterfield
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