Spring 2019 Season Program

Speaker: Jeffrey Kiehl

A Jungian View of Climate Change


Nobody can afford to look around and to wait for somebody else to do what he is loath to do himself. But since nobody seems to know what to do, it might be worthwhile for each of us to ask himself whether by any chance his or her unconscious may know something that will help us.

– C.G. Jung (CW 18, par. 599)


Human caused climate change has placed life on the planet in a precarious state. It is imperative we address this situation as soon as possible, for the longer we wait the more we commit future generations to great disruption. Yet there is great resistance to addressing this issue, especially within the United States. Jungian psychology provides a unique means to understand the problem of climate change for it recognizes the importance of the unconscious in our lives. In this presentation, I explore how the dynamics of unconscious processes relate to climate change and how these processes provide pathways to addressing the problem. I consider further the current myths that lie at the root of our collective dissociation from Earth. The presentation concludes with a discussion of how to reconnect to the sacredness of Earth, which is essential to address the issue of climate change.

Mandala as a Path to Healing Our Split with the Sacred Earth

Mandala symbols appear very frequently in moments of psychic disorientation as compensatory ordering factors.

– C.G. Jung (CW 3, par. 582)


Jung identified the mandala as an archetypal image of wholeness. In this workshop we explore the manifold forms of mandalas, West and East, and how they can help us heal our split with the natural world. Mandalas make the invisible visible and are portals into deep psychic experiences. We discuss how mandalas provide a bridge between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and how the mandalas provide a lens through which we can view our sacred world. We will learn how we can make mandala practices a part of our everyday lives.

Jeffrey Kiehl, Ph.D., is a Diplomate Jungian Analyst and senior training analyst for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado and the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. He has an M.A. in psychology. He worked as a climate scientist for forty years and held faculty positions at a number of institutions including UC Santa Cruz and Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is the author of Facing Climate Change: An Integrated Path to the Future and numerous Jungian articles on the intersection of depth psychology and the environment. Jeffrey has presented on various Jungian topics at national and international conferences. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

Speaker: Gary Sparks

Carl Jung’s Red Book: Healing the Chaos

In 1913 Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung embarked on a remarkable inner journey.  Devotedly attending to his dreams and fantasies, for the next fifteen years Jung exquisitely calligraphed and painted the emotions and images he found within.  This record of his venture was published in 2009 in his superbly illustrated Red Book.

As he focused inside, Jung was immediately inundated with inward scenes of global catastrophe—at a time when Europe spoke only of peace and prosperity.  In less than a year, beginning in 1914, the First World War ravaged his continent with a bloodthirst unknown to history.  Observing his heart of hearts, Jung found vivid symbolic experiences that not only personified his personal psychology, but also revealed the devastating war’s underlying dynamics.

The world now stands dangerously close to annihilating chaos, both on the domestic and international stage.  In Friday’s lecture and Saturday’s workshop, we will explore what Jung’s descent taught him about the turmoil orchestrating his epoch’s horror.  Despite the passing of a century, the clarity of those lessons will guide us through precious insight into the seething cauldron of our own era.

This will be a multimedia presentation with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.  The presentation does not assume prior familiarity with Jung’s Red Book.


Saturday’s workshop will continue Friday evening’s exploration of The Red Book’s imagery, while adding examples of contemporary dreams, fantasies, and art attesting to the ongoing importance of Jung’s Red Book for our time.

The presentation does not assume prior familiarity with Jung’s Red Book.

J. Gary Sparks, M.Div, is a 1982 diploma graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute-Zürich. He is the author of At the Heart of Matter: Synchronicity and Jung's Spiritual Testament, Valley of Diamonds: Adventures in Number and Time with Marie Louise von Franz, and Carl Jung and Arnold Toynbee: The Social Meaning of Inner Work. As a contributor to the recent Zürich publication of Jung's Red Book for Our Time, he finds endless wealth in Jung's inner creative journey.  In addition, his interests include:  the state of feminine consciousness; the healthy purpose of darkness, depression, failure, and despair; the development and use of creative imagination; the relationship between an individual and society; and the parallels between the new physics and Jung's psychology. He lives and practices in Indianapolis.

Speaker: Jutta von Buchholtz

The Healing Power of Fairy Tales

Why fairy tales – Märchen?  When C.G. Jung discovered the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious, he also found that through the ages myths, fairy tales and legends provided a “clothing” so to speak for these, otherwise invisible, potentially healing psychodynamics. When we listen to fairy tales our soul is invited to journey into lands of horror and violences well as enchanting rescues and romances. The original fairy tales are ever so much more grim and violent than the Walt Disney versions we are familiar with. Fairy tales assure the listener – adult and child alike – that while evil, danger and violence do exist, they can be transformed. By entering into the magic of a fairy tale, our psyche re-connects with the healing potential of the archetypal realm.

Disobedience, Evil, Animals and Happily Ever After in Fairy Tales

Fantastic journeys, heroic deeds and helpful animals are among the archetypal topics we will work and play with during the workshop. Jungian analysts have learned that attending to fairy tales can reconnect us to levels of our psyche where through the transcending function of symbols, insight, growth and healing can take place. Fairy tales belong in our inner nursery fostering active involvement with fantasy and creativity. Anyone dealing with the child inside one’s soul or without as parent or professional can enjoy and benefit from this workshop.

Jutta von Buchholtz, PhD is a senior Jungian analyst, whose academic background is a Ph.D. in medieval literature from Vanderbilt University. She thinks this lends itself beautifully for a Jungian approach to fairy tales. She finds it deeply moving how archetypal themes, so cleverly and movingly embodied in fairy tales, continue to play themselves out in our daily lives in the twenty first century - they bind and contain our common humanity. As part of her midlife crisis she received her diploma from the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich. Jutta is a Senior analyst involved in training future Jungian analysts in the New Orleans and Atlanta/ Memphis seminars. She sees clients in Birmingham, Al.

Speaker: Tess Castleman

The Little Dream that Doesn’t Mean Anything

When a dream is forgotten, dismissed, ignored or called names (“worthless, a snippet, stupid, etc.”), important information is lost.  A discussion with clinical examples will explore what many miss:  the quiet beginnings of consciousness evidenced in what is often overlooked.  The beginning of a process is sacred ground to stand upon.  Alchemical parallels, world dreams, fairy tale imagery and elements of dreaming that are routinely misunderstood will be discussed as well.

The World Dream

There are a few curious dreams that many people have:  loosing teeth, being in public without clothes, taking a college final without having gone to class, among others.  This seminar will explore what these dreams mean if we omit the ubiquitous response, “Oh, that’s just an anxiety dream.”  The dreams present information that corrects/compensates/confronts the world or culture rather than the individual; just what are these dreams telling us about our culture, our world?  Working in groups participants will be instructed how to decode these curious universal dreams to see if insight and direction might emerge.

Tess Castleman, MA, LPC, is a Jungian training ana­lyst and the author of Threads, Knots, Tapestries and Sacred Dream Circles. Besides practicing in Dallas and Zurich, she leads groups in dream circles, writing seminars, creative process experience as well as active imagination/dream retreats in locations throughout the world. She was elected to the Curatorium, (the governing body of the Jung Institute of Zurich) as the only non-resident of Switzerland where she served for six years. There she helped to implement a revamped English training program. She has founded Das Tiefengeist Institut, a training institute for helpers and healers to deepen their work with the unconscious. She lives in Manitou Springs, CO and Dallas, Texas.

2019-2020 Season Preview

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