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Sonu Shamdasani

Sonu Shamdasani is ‘Philemon Professor of Jung History at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at University College London.   He is the author of Cult Fictions:  C.G.  Jung  and  the  Founding  of Analytical Psychology (Routledge, 1998), Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology: The  Dream of a Science (Cambridge University Press, 2003), Jung Stripped Bare by his Biographers, Even (Karnac,  2005), and (with Mikkel Borch‐Jacobsen) Le Dossier Freud: Enqûete sur l’histoire de la psychanalyse (Le Seuil, 2006, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming), and has edited among other works, Jung’s seminar The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga (Bollingen Series, Princeton University Press/Routledge, 1996).

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