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Penelope Tarasuk

Penelope Tarasuk, PhD, the first Jungian Analyst in training at the Jung Institute of Boston, was born in Washington D.C. and has lived primarily in MA. She also lived in Panama, Seoul, South Korea, and Santa Fe, NM.

Artist since childhood, she attended Philadelphia Museum College of Art, combining art with psychology in undergraduate and graduate school at UMD, including advanced study Family Systems Therapy. Working on the front lines of human services and community mental health, she began Jungian studies in 1975 receiving her Diploma in Jungian Analytic psychology 1988 and completing a Ph.D. in 2002. Her sons were born while she was in Jungian training; one is a physician at UWA Hospital, Seattle and the other a computer scientist in Silicon Valley.

Penelope brings 40 years of experience in psychology to individuals, families, groups, and communities through her work: in-patient treatment, residential facilities, schools, and community mental health centers. Her workshops and lectures in the United States and abroad focus upon dreaming, active imagination, nature, art, and breath work. Deepest interests: accessing the heart of creativity through dreams, images and symbols, art & writing, and being in nature. She is devoted to supporting development of spiritual life and has a deep practice in Tibetan Buddhism since 1974.

Former member of the Training Board of the C.G. Jung Institute-Boston, she is currently a senior training analyst, supervisor, and faculty member. POLISHING THE BONES, London, Musewell Hill Press, 2017 is about a woman artist’s analysis & individuation through dreams, nature, love. Penelope was present throughout her dying & death.

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