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Karen Evers-Fahey

Karen Evers-Fahey, PhD, is a Zurich trained Jungian analyst with over 30 years experience in individual psychotherapy and Jungian analytical practice. She is currently a training analyst with the international program of the CG Jung Institute Zurich.  She taught analytical psychology and was a training and supervisory analyst in Zurich at ISAP as well as the Jung Institute Zurich for 10 years before returning to her native Canada in 2007 to continue her analytical practice and teaching/ training activities in Victoria, BC. Dr. Evers-Fahey was educated as a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner in the US (MSN 1982, Yale University) and is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Victoria School of Nursing. She received her PhD in 2004 from the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK. Dr. Evers-Fahey has lectured internationally on topics such as individuation and aging, suffering and healing, and dreams.

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