Bradley A. TePaske and Arlene TePaske-Landau

Arlene TePaske-Landau, Ph.D. is a native of Beverly Hills and a veteran of Hollywood film and television, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Psychology from Cal State Northridge, and both a Masters and Ph.D. Degree in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dr. Landau is an analyst member of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles and the Interregional Society of Jungian Analyst, and possesses a highly differentiated grasp of both Jung’s classic psychological types and the mythically-based typological approach of Archetypal Psychology (Hillman).

Bradley A. TePaske, Ph.D. is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich, a clinical psychologist, and an analyst member of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. An accomplished artist and religious historian, Dr. TePaske holds an Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Art History from UMASS Amherst and a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology from the Union Institute of Cincinnati. His areas of research include Hindu Tantra, Shamanism, Graeco-Roman Mystery Religions, Gnosticism, and the Goddess traditions particularly those of Kali, Mary, Magdalen, Sophia, Aphrodite, and Demeter/Persephone.