September 18-19, 1998: Murray Stein

Almost everyone participates in work groups and organizations. Often more time and energy is spent in these contexts than anywhere else. Individuals can be wounded by the power of organizations and the organizational unconscious. The question is how to grow and benefit from these involvements. The individual person’s unconscious and the unconscious of the organization intermesh, and the individual projects onto the organization as the organization also projects onto the individual. Archetypal roles are assigned and taken up, or resisted and fought. Conflicts arise around misperceptions and misguided ambitions and longings. The psychological task for both individual and organization is to become conscious of these dynamics and to use them for further development. In the lecture, Dr. Stein will apply Jungian theory and the alchemical model to psyche in the workplace.

Wholeness is the goal of Jungian analysis. Indeed it is the psychological goal of life itself. It is also something that one must practice daily and in many ways. This workshop/seminar will be based on Murray Stein’s bookPraciticing Wholeness and will also focus on:

  • Human nature and the practice of wholeness
  • Wholeness and the shadow
  • Dream work and active imagination
  • Realtionships in depth

The format of the workshop will be lecture, discussion, and experimental exercises.


Murray Stein, Ph.D., is a training analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago and is currently Vice President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. He has written many articles and books, includingPracticing WholenessJung’s Map of the Soul, and Transformation – Emergence of the Self. He received the NAAP’s "Vision Award" for 1988.

Psyche at Work and Practicing Wholeness