September 17-18 1993, John Giannini

Lecture: The Hundredth Dreamer

This talk will focus on the challenge each of us faces in helping develop a societal goal characterized as the new dream culture. The title comes from biology’s Einsteinian field theory, mophogenesis, popularly known as “The Hundredth Monkey” theory. Scientists observed all members of a species of monkeys on several islands developing an entirely new behavior after a critical number of them first learned the behavior on one specific island. This critical mass is called “The Hundredth Monkey”. 

We’ll explore the cultural background that has led to a massive ignorance and resistance to the inner world and dreaming, drawing on Jung’s historical cultural view and other studies of our patriarchal culture. Its pathologies include fear of the inner feminine and related creative child: fear of the chaos of change and its creativity in society and the unconscious; the resistances that we each feel toward dream recall and work; and finally, dream ego confusion within the dream experience itself. In turn, we’ll consider how the unconscious is constantly pushing us to be artists, mystics and scientists of the elemental creativity that is the dream; and how both body and society must enter into an integral understanding of the dreamwork and its goal, individuation. Hopefully, our work will build toward that time in the future when one of us will be the hundredth dreamer. 

Workshop: The Journey With the Soul

Journey is one way of talking about and symbolizing the process of individuation, just as one can also speak of the substance of individuation as a consistent, personal identity. Both are as valid as microphysics’ viewing of an atom as both a wave and a particle. The journey is with the Soul, not of the Soul, since it is a “conscious” process, that “knowing with” journey, in which the other is not first of all our social partners but the unconscious itself. For our purposes here, Soul is a better term than Self or Psyche because in our Judeo-Christian tradition it refers to the life principle, a principle that includes body as well as society. 

The Journey will consist of the following paths: Climbing the Mountain: the Value of Work; Falling into Darkness: the Value of Love; Spring of Creation: the Value of Play; and Fruition of Compassion and Justice: the Value of Pray. The overarching stages of the Journey will be Jung’s Two Stages of Life. 

The Journey is based on client dreams and many archetypal models. Bring your own dreams to help construct this odyssey that is both personal and collective. 


John Giannini, MDIV is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Chicago. He holds Masters Degrees in Divinity and Religion and Psychological Studies, and an MBA in Industrial Relations. He is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. 

The Hundredth Dreamer