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Opportunity to Participate in a Pilot Study

Opportunity to Participate in a Pilot Study

Who am I? and What am I doing? I, Jon Nestor, am a Journey Member of OFJ, and plan to become a Certified Jungian Analyst. I’m beginning my sixth year at Saybrook University, where I’ve been working on my PhD in (Depth) Psychology. At this time, I’m preparing to conduct my Pilot Study. What do I need?

I need three participants for my Saybrook Pilot Study. It’s called The Effects of Jungian Individuation on Supervisees’ Clinical Work with Their Clients.

  • What do I Hope to Accomplish in My Pilot Study?  I’m exploring whether and how Jungian Individuation impacts supervisees’ professional clinical work with their clients.
  • How long Will My Pilot Study Take? The length of my Pilot Study is one month.
  • Requirements for Participation in My Pilot Study Participants must be in a current Clinical Supervisory Relationship.
  • What is My Timeline? I’m currently recruiting participants for this study. I plan to begin this study no later than September 6, and earlier if I get participants.

Benefits of Participating in My Pilot Study:

1) You will learn about Jungian Individuation and how it can be used in Clinical Supervision to enhance your work with clients.

2) Hopefully, you will experience your own clinical work deepening and changing as a result of using Jungian Individuation in your own professional practice.

For More Information:  If you would like to be a potential participant in my Pilot Study or need more information about it, please contact me at (541) 574-7856 (Voice Mail) or [email protected]     

Thank you,
Jon Nestor, MDiv, MEd, LPC

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