November 16-17, 1990: Janet O. Dallett

Lecture and Workshop: It is now the last day, the Saturday, of the twentieth century and the eon, and we are face to face with what Jung saw as the spiritual task of the new age: uniting the opposites of the human psyche-conscious and unconscious, light and dark, good and evil, ego and Self. To pretend to be good, light, true, and beautiful, denying what lives in the unsavory dark, is not an adequate adaptation to our present reality. Only by facing the shadow can we become equal to our awesome ethical burden, for we have stolen the power to destroy the planet from the gods.

Saturday’s Child, to be published in 1991, tackles these issues obliquely. By weaving a tapestry of her own and her patients’ dreams and daily experience against a backdrop of world events, the author makes the archetypal psyche visible in a personal and immediate way.

The lecture will introduce material from one or more chapters of the book, followed by a dialogue with the audience.

The workshop will afford an opportunity for deeper interaction. Additional material will be offered as time permits. It is desireable but not essential for workshop participants to attend the lecture.


Janet O. Dallett, Ph.D. practices Jungian Analysis on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State, and devotes much of her time to writing and inner work. She is the author of When the Spirits Come Back; Midnight’s Daughter: First Poems, and articles in a variety of publications including Whole Earth Review; Free Spirit; Voices: Psychosomatic Medicine; Jungian Analysis; and Carl Jung and Soul Psychology; and compiled and edited Max Zeller’s papers published as  The Dream: The Vision of the Night. She is a member of the C.G. Jung Institute, Los Angeles.

Saturday’s Child: A Down-to-Earth Look Into the Spiritual Problem of Our Time