Membership FAQ

This page addresses some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding membership status and renewals. Click a link below to jump to a particular answer or scroll down to browse.


How do I find my membership expiration date?

Click on the “Membership Status/Renew” link in the sidebar, as shown below:

You are prompted to log in. Enter your credentials. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Lost your password?” link to recover it.

Once you log in you are taken to the Membership status page, as shown below:

This page displays your membership status and when it expires.

To view details about your membership, and renew, click the View button.

What does it mean when my membership status is “On Hold”?

If your membership status is listed as “On Hold” (as shown in the screenshot below) it means you need to renew your membership.

Click the View button.

In the screen that follows, look for the Pay button as shown in the following screenshot:

How do I renew my regular membership?

Follow the instructions for finding your membership expiration date.

Click the View button.

Click the Renew Now button.

You may not see a Renew Now button – you might see a screen like the one below, in which case click the Pay button:

How do I renew my Journey membership?

For this year only, Journey members renew by purchasing a new Journey membership. Follow the directions below for how to upgrade to Journey membership.

How do I set up automatic renewal for my membership?

You can setup a recurring payment so that your membership automatically renews.

Follow the instructions for finding your membership expiration date.

Click the View button.

Click the Auto Renew button. You will be prompted to enter a payment method. This payment method will be saved on our payment processor’s secure website and used to renew your membership automatically when it expires. No payment information is stored on OFJ’s web servers.

How do I upgrade my membership from regular to Journey?

If you are currently a regular OFJ member, you can upgrade to a Journey member.

Go to the website.

Click the Log In link in the upper right of the home page, as shown below:

Once you are logged in, click Become a Member link in the sidebar, as shown below:

The Community page opens. Click the Purchase Journey Membership button and follow the instructions.