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May 1-3, 1992: Special Event — Edith Wallace

A 3 day workshop, May 1,2, & 3: There is a center in us which, if we could but open to it, would give us strength, wisdom, and the capacity to live our creative potential. Connection with this center gives our lives presence and vitality. Creativity depends on it. Like most real truths, this potential is hidden: the “teasure hard to attain”. There are tools for contacting and remaining open to it. 

This workshop uses the creative arts and body movements as an opener to the depths of the psyche, to what Jung calls “the Self”. It is an opportunity to play with color and shape. No previous knowledge or art skills are necessary-only a longing for a deeper understanding, a joy in color and a wish to play again. 

Participants should write their own stories-as if your life were a personal myth or fairy tale-and bring them to the workshop. What are you in search of? Where are you on your pilgrimage? Where do you think you will be at the end? Please also reflect on your favorite fairy tale as a child and your current favorite. This material will be enhanced by the revalations that will arise during the weekend. Bodywork will be coordinated with collage work. Collage materials will be provided. 



Edith Wallace, Ph.D., M.D. is a practicing Jungian analyst and prize-winning painter. She has taught at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York and at the C.G. Jung Foundation, and she is Editor Emeritus of the quarterly journal The Arts in Psychotherapy. She studied with Dr. and Mrs. Jung in Switzerland. She has led numerous workshops and seminars throughout the country, as well as in Canada, Great Britain and Europe. 

Going on a Quest: Opening to the Creative
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