March 24-25, 1989: Anthony Stevens

Lecture: This lecture will examine how Jungian Psychology evolved out of the psychology of Jung, beginning with his family life and early dreams. The implications of his solitary childhood will be reviewed in our understanding of the psychology of childhood and adolescence. What is the contemporary relevance of insights into anima and animus projection and the quest for soulmate considered in light of Jung’s experience of marriage to Emma Jung and his relationship with Toni Wolff?

Workshop: By creative use of his introspective genius, Jung, the individual man, turn his attention inwards in a courageous attempt to find the universal man lurking in the dark recesses of his own soul. To what extent does he succeed? And how far should we expect to follow his example?

In this seminar we shall consider the common criticisms of Jungian Psychology: that it is too inner-directed to be appropriate to life in the modern world; that it places too much emphasis on archetypal psychology and mythology and too little on the problems of interpersonal relationships and social adjustment; that it is elitist in its view of the goals of the second half of life; and that, as a method of treatment, Analytical Psychology is essentially mystical, encumbered with an outdated religiosity, which fits ill with a discipline designed to treat the problems of modern men and women. How justified are these criticisms and how should we respond to them?

It will be assumed that participants will at least have read Memories, Dreams and Reflections, and Two Essays on Analytical Psychology (Volume 7 of the Collected Works).


Anthony Stevens was born in the West of England. He holds a Doctorate of Medicine from Oxford University, an Oxford M.A. in Psychology, and a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians. He lectures regularly at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, and at other Jungian organizations in Europe and the United States. He is the author of Archetypes: A Natural History of the Self; Withymead: A Jungian Community for the Healing Arts and The Foundations of War. His latest book, On Jung, will be published this spring.

C.G. Jung: The Man and His Psychology