March 14-15, 1985: Robert Johnson

Lecture: Dreams 

An examination of the many languages of dreams as they give us vocation, warnings, fortelling of death, changes in the eras of our life, illness, new possiblities latent within us.

We will also examine the ways in which dreams may be amplified and drawn into consciousness.

Workshop: Dionysys, the Forgotten God 

In the space between the Feeling Function and the Sensation Function lies a vacant realm for most Westerners. Shunned by our cultural patterns, in embarrassment, intrigue, fright, this realm call us by its ecstatic energy-filled fascination. It is the place of Dionysys, the Forgotten God, the last to be enthroned in Greek Mythology, the first to be lost when we dismantled the Greek Pantheon. Our lecture will attempt to restore some fo the dignity and power to this vacant realm in our psychology.


Robert Johnson was educated at Oregon State university and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. He has recently returned from one of his many trips to India where he has been exploring the great Indian myths and legends which are having such an impact on our present society. He is the author of three books: He; She; and We.  He is in private practice in San Diego and has been a frequent speaker for Oregon Friends of Jung.