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March 12-13, 1999 Nancy Dougherty

Lecture: Vampires, Eroticism, & the Lure of the Unconscious
While many contemporary works of fiction expand on the legends of vampires, it is an ancient theme. Symbolically, we can imagine vampires as unconscious energy that preys on our feelings of desire, preys on the desire to connect to life itself. What is the meaning of these dark forces that can rob us of our libidinal connections to life? And how might the hand of the Self be working through this dark mythology? In this lecture Nancy will use Ann Rice’s novel The Witching Hour to focus on the sensual lure to remain unconscious, and the kind of courage that is needed to face individuation.

Workshop: Animal Body, Animal Soul
Native people have always looked to animals as important teachers and appreciated their soulful qualities. Whether predator or prey, bird, reptile, mammal, or amphibian, knowing the nature and habits of the animals inhabiting our dreams can lead us into greater integration, authenticity, embodiment. Attending to these animals can assist us in developing an authentic libidinized life. Through the experience of play, interaction with animal images, and active imagination, this workshop will explore the instinctual aspects of the psyche.


Nancy Dougherty, A.C.S.W., is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Birmingham, Michigan. Recent publications include Snow White: Death, Desire, and Transformation in Psyche Speaks, Volume 3; andVampires, Eroticism, & the Lure of the Unconscious in The Soul of Popular Culture.

Vampires, Eroticism, & the Lure of the Unconscious and Animal Body, Animal Soul
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