Lecture: The Spiritualized Earth

Mar 16 2012 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

First United Methodist Church, Sanctuary  [map]
1838 SW Jefferson Street, Portland
Ample free parking in both church lots.

  • $12 at the door; members free.
  • Cash or check only.
  • Continuing Education Units through NASW (pending approval) or OFCGJ Certificates of Attendance will be offered at no additional charge.  Sign up at the event.

March 16 and 17, 2012: Patricia Damery

The “Spiritualized Earth” and the Birth of the New Consciousness: Jung’s Analytical Psychology & Steiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture: What Might Save Us.

"the psychological problem of today is a spiritual problem, a religious problem…" —C. G. Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interview and Encounters, "Does the World stand on the Verge of Spiritual Rebirth?"

Lecture: Suffering the trials of her individuation process and initiation as a Jungian analyst as well as those of a concurrent farming crisis, Patricia Damery found answers through a series of unconventional teachers and through her relationship to the psyche and the land, answers that are surprising deeply intertwined. These answers involved spiritual tools that addressed what Jung called "the living substance" of ourselves and others.


In this lecture Patricia will describe the common, definitive root of some of these teachings in the writings and scientific studies of Goethe. Both C. G. Jung and Rudolf Steiner, father of Biodynamic farming, were deeply influenced by Goethe’s work, a perspective denigrated since the days of Descartes. What supports the "living substance" in ourselves and the other, even the not-human? What undermines its liveliness? Practical applications in the dynamics of “being in relationship with” and “having dominion over” will be given, whether in analysis, farming, or our relationship to the environment. 
Workshop: A continuation of Friday’s lecture, we will learn how both Jung and Steiner came to Goethe, as well as more fully discuss principles common to both: the law of polarity, the law of diversity, and the importance of boundaries, whether those boundaries be in the human psyche, of a farm, or in the consulting room. Practical applications of the concepts will be given both in farming and analytic work. This will include a description of the biodynamic preparations, stirring, and Patricia’s use of the preparations and why. We will experiment with a technique of Goethe’s to gather information: a method that develops relatedness, facilitating an openness to what is present, whether that be the psyche, another human being, or the not-human.


We will also explore the old Jewish Legend of what happened to the Tree of Paradise after the Fall, considering the questions: What consciousness might be born in the temenos offered in both Jung’s analytical psychology and Steiner’s farming techniques? What are the implications for our relationship with the environment? We will discuss dominion over and being in relation to, whether that be with inner figures, other humans, or not-humans. Please bring writing and drawing materials. 



Patricia Damery, M.A., M.F.T., is an analyst member of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco in private practice in Napa, California, where she and her husband  farm a Biodynamic organic ranch. She has published numerous articles, as well as a book detailing her analytic training and simultaneous entry into Biodynamic farming: Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation. Her novel, Snakes, the story about the demise of the family farm and the impact on one family, told through the mythology of the snake, was published by Fisher King Press in March 2011. Her forth coming novel Goatsong, a story of the resilience of love, is to be published 2012, and she is co-editing an anthology, Marked by Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way, to be published March 2012, Fisher King Press. She maintains two blogs: patriciadamery.com and harmsfarmlog.com.