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February 19-20 1999: Janice Conklin Taylor

Lecture: Feminine Mysteries in the Myth of Orpheus
Why did Orpheus lose his bride on the day they were to be married? Are the reasons similar to those which cause failure in relationships today? Orpheus was unwilling to accept this loss, and he became the only mortal in Greek mythology to risk his own life by descending into the underworld to retrieve his beloved. His gift for music rivaled that of the gods, enabling him to charm the King and Queen of Hades into releasing his newly deceased bride. Orpheus was recognized as the most important poet in Greek mythology. This lecture will include images from the myth of Orpheus to illuminate the contemporary problem between men and women, and between the human species and nature.

Workshop: Healing the Splits Between Us
The potential for healing these splits is implicit in the words of the French philosopher Jacques Maritain as he reports the ancient definition of poetry: "that intercommunication between the inner being of things and inner being of the human self…" The workshop will include monologue, poetry, music, visual image, reflection, and discussion of the voices presented in myths to better understand everyday relationships.


Janice Conklyn Taylor, M.A., Ed.S., is a Jungian analyst practicing in Washington, D.C. She frequently lectures, teaches, and consults in the areas of analytical, developmental, and feminine psychology in the U.S. and abroad. Also a nationally certified school psychologist, she is active in applying depth psychology to help teachers, administrators, and parents provide a healthier environment for children.

Notes from the weekend: The music played by Janice Conklyn Taylor during the workshop were the following CDs:

Petros Tabouris
Secular Music of Greek Antiquity
Sacred Music of Greek Antiquity
7 Knossou Sta.
1146 Galatsi
Athens Greece

Distributed by FM Records SA
Phone: (01)2222301-3.2130600-6
FAX: 01221603

The CD and the citation are several years old.

Myth of Orpheus and Healing the Splits Between us
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