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February 17-18, 1995: Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Lecture: Conceiving the Motherline

Mother is the first world we know, the source of our lives and our stories. Embodying the mysteries of origin, she ties us to the great web of kin and of generation. Yet the voice of her experience is unknown in our culture and she is objectified in our psychology. This lecture will articulate the concept of the Motherline, and how it is vital to the understanding of our lives, whether we be men or women. 

Workshop: Stories From Our Motherlines

Everyone has a Motherline to follow, a set of family stories to remember, a human history that goes back for generations. Often these stories are filled with grief and with shadows; to remember them is to honor the depths of the human experience. In the ancient world both men and women participated in rituals which drew them into the underworld and the sacred feminine. In this workshop, men and women are invited to reflect on the mysteries of origin. Poetry, personal memories, and Motherline stories from many sources will help us find our way. Bring a photograph, a piece of jewelry or clothing, or any other article that carries the mana of your Motherline. 


Naomi Ruth Lowinsky Ph.D., is a Jungian Analys in private practice in Berkely, and a member of the San Francisco Jung Institute. She is the author of The Motherline: Every Woman’s Journey to Find her Female Roots, numerous articles and reviews, and is a published poet. She is on the Adjunct Faculty of The Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. 

Conceiving the Motherline
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