February 16, 1985: Laurie S. Weiner

Workshop: Music can reach into the very core of ourselves and resonate with it. It facilitates the freeing of the imagination, the phenomenon of the inner world. In coming to experience this inner world, we obtain access to our visions and inspirations. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a transformative process which involves listening to classical music in a relaxed state to facilitate self-understanding, healing and growth, recall forgotten memories, provoke adventures, stimulate creativity, and often provide spiritual insight. Come prepared to explore the mysteries of your internal image world as evoked by music. Bring a box of oil pastels and a blanket or sleeping bag to lie on.


Laurie S. Weiner is a psychotherapist in private practive who most recently has been specializing in the GIM process with individuals and groups.

The Inner Journey: Guided Imagery and Music