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December 8 & 10, 1989: Harry A. Wilmer

Lecture: Closeness

Distance-Closeness-the ethics, attachemnt, loss, transference, countertransferance, touching, intimacy, and sex: what are the aspects of these issues in the perspectives of organizational psychology, interpersonal psychoanalytical dynamics, communication dynamics and analytical psychology.

Pre-reading Practical Jung, particularly on transference, countertranference, love, and the wounded healer.

Workshop: Experiential Dream Adventure

Dr. Wilmer will work with a few dreams from the people who attend, using a group technique which he created for psychiatric residents, psychology residents, as well as social workers and therapists and with his patients. It is a new way of looking at the creative unconscious and the archetypal world in a way which any intelligent person can grasp.


Harry Wilmer is a senior Jungian analyst in practice in Salado, Texas. Trained first as a Freudian analyst, Dr. Wilmer has been professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; at the University of California, San Francisco, and Stanford University, Palo Alto. He has been a Captain in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps Reserve on active duty during the Korean Emergency. His work in the Navy was the subject of an ABC newtork television documentary about the therapeutic community based on his book Social Psychiatry in Action. More recent publications include Vietnam in Remission (co-editor) and Practical Jung. He is currently writing a sequel for the general public titled Understanding Jung. He has produced two documentaries; one based on Haight-Ashbury San Francisco Flower Children for the Public Broadcasting System; the other for KQED, San Francisco on his work at San Quentin Prison. He writes, paints, and directs The Institute for the Humanities at Salaldo of which he is president, director, and founder.

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