December 10-11, 2004: James Hollis

LECTURE: Archetypal psychology employs the metaphor of "the gods" to refer to the primal, archaic energies which course through the cosmos, through nature, and through ourselves.Who or what are "the gods," and where are they observed in the conduct of daily life? Why does this matter to us?

WORKSHOP: Your Personal Myth

A myth is an energy charged force field with an implicit narrative and a predictive scenario in which we move, and which moves us, whether we are conscious of its presence and effects or not. What are the outlines of your personal myth?

This workshop will use journaling to respond to a series of questions and exercises designed to lift this force field into greater consciousness.Without consciousness, no real choices are possible.


JAMES HOLLIS, Ph. D., is Executive Director of the Jung Educational Center of Houston, a Training Analyst for the Inter- Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, and author of ten books, the latest being: Mythologems: Incarnations of the Invisible World.

Divining Divinities: Reflections on the gods