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April 4, 1995: Robert Sardello in Eugene

Lecture: The three great interrelated questions of our time are egotism, evil, and community. This lecture develops an imagination of community out of archetypal psychology, one that can adequately meet and challenge egotism and evil. 

Many people today search for a sense of community and, in truth, are often disappointed when this deep desire meets only groups of conforming individuals instead. In this presentation we will look to the Grail legend as a prototype for an imagination of community that does not annihilate individual soul life. We will work with the following soul conditions necessary for development of community: the capacity to confront one’s soul in solitude; developing a right relationship to desire; the centrality of conscience of the heart; the will to be completely human; radical receptivity; moving among soul planes; living with the three Grail questions. 


Robert Sardello, Ph.D., is co-founder of the School of Spiritual Psychology based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, a traveling school that offers courses founded in archetypal psychology. Dr. Sardello worked for a number of years with James Hillman and Thomas Moore, and practiced psychotherapy for over twenty years. He teaches at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture and at the Chalice of Repose Project, a training program in Missoula, Montana, for working with the dying through sacred music. He is the author of Facing the World with Soul and Love and the Soul: A Guide to Creating an New Future for Earth. 

The Soul of Community
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