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April 26, 1998: Beverly Zabriskie

Co-sponsored with the Portland Art Museum in support of their special exhibit:


Splendors of Ancient Egypt
March 6 – August 16

In the beauty and grace of their art, the ancient Egyptians created images which expressed some of the simple truths about the well-lived life and the most profound hopes about an ongoing life after death. The objects of their daily routines, their animals, and their gods were imagined and approached as vital representations of the wonders and mysteries of a meaningful existence. Through understanding the Egyptian sensibility, we come to appreciate their world and our own.

We are pleased to co-sponsor this special lecture with the Portland Art Museum, as part of our mission to present a Jungian perspective to the wider community. We invite you to support this effort by attending the Sunday lecture, which will complement the Friday and Saturday programs and the Portland Art Museum’s special exhibit: The Splendors of Ancient Egypt.

pecial Lecture: The Living Images of Ancient Egypt
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