April 19 and 20, 2013: Lisa Marchiano

Lecture:  Marrying Mr. Rochester:  Charlotte Brontë and the Transformation of the Seductive Negative Father Complex
A negative father complex can undermine our trust of ourselves – as well as the ability to experience ourselves as basically good and competent.  However, creative engagement with this complex allows us to experience its helpful side.  In this lecture, we will explore in depth one way that a negative father complex can manifest and how it can be transformed.  This process will be amplified by considering Charlotte Brontë’s life and her novel Jane Eyre, as well as clinical material, dreams, and Grimm’s tale “The Singing, Springing Lark.”

Workshop:  The Chenoo Who Stayed to Dinner:  Taming the Monstrous Negative Father Complex
In this workshop, we will explore Jung’s theory of complexes.  We will consider how a wounded relationship with a father can affect our inner world and our creativity.  After looking at the two primary ways that a father complex can manifest, we will explore the persecutory or monstrous complex in greater depth.  The Algonquin fairytale “Nesoowa and the Chenoo” will structure the our exploration, which will include journaling and reflective exercises.  Excerpts from two films, a dream sequence that spanned several years of analytic work, and additional fairytales will also be considered.

Lisa Marchiano, LCSW, is a clinical social worker and certified Jungian Analyst with a private practice in northwest Philadelphia.  She has been in practice for over ten years and specializes in relationship issues, life transitions, trauma, and dream work.  She has a special interest in fairy tales and is currently writing a book exploring motherhood as an experience of psychological growth.

The Negative Father Complex