OFJ is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to exploring the ideas of C.G. Jung. Since 1974, we have been presenting lectures and workshops in Portland led by Jungian analysts from around the world. We welcome lay and professional people of all levels of familiarity with Jung’s work. Members receive free admission to seven lectures and our Light-hearted Evening, discounts on workshops, and other benefits. Non-members are welcome at all lectures and workshops.

November 14 & 15, 2014: Beverley Zabriskie, MSW, Jungian Analyst

Emotions and Experience

Lecture:  Emotion: The Moving Force of Experience                       

There is no experience without emotion. Our daily lives, our nightly dreams; our interior realities and outer relationships; our fantasies, myths, and religions; our arts and sciences; careers and investments – all are informed by emotion. From ancestral times to the here and now of today, emotions initiate our actions, infuse our musings, and fashion the narratives of our lived and unlived lives. It is essential that we know and recognize our universal survival-enhancing emotions, and the social emotions of our particular surrounds.

Lecture venue:  Unity of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215

Workshop: Emotion: The Moving Force of Experience

The morning lectures will explore the spectrum of human emotions and Jung’s understanding of the psyche as an affective process. We will review the many resonances between Jung’s perceptions and the knowledge now emerging from emotions research.