OFJ is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to exploring the ideas of C.G. Jung. Since 1974, we have been presenting lectures and workshops in Portland led by Jungian analysts from around the world. We welcome lay and professional people of all levels of familiarity with Jung’s work. Members receive free admission to seven lectures and our Light-hearted Evening, discounts on workshops, and other benefits. Non-members are welcome at all lectures and workshops.

September 18 and 19, 2015: Joseph Cambray

Synchronicity: Nature & Psyche in an Interconnected Universe

Lecture: What are the academic and scientific roots of Jung’s psychology?  How does his psychology hold up today? Jung’s 1912 Fordham lectures on the “Theory of Psychoanalysis” represent Jung’s growing theoretical differentiation from Freud. Soon after delivering these lectures, Jung resigned his position at the University of Zurich (in 1914) and did not fully resume academic work until 1933. In between these periods Jung underwent the inner experiences that led to the development of The Red Book.