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April, 24 and April, 25: Terrill Gibson

Jungian Psychology and Analysis As Psycho-Spiritual Event, As Religious Occasion

“All life is bound to carriers who realize it, and it is simply inconceivable without them.  But every carrier is charged with an individual destiny and destination, and the experiencing of these alone makes sense of life”.

- C.G.Jung

Friday Lecture and Saturday Workshop

In recent years there has been a drift in the philosophical envelope of Jungian analysis.  It is a significant frame adjustment, a movement away from seeing analysis as metaphysical craft to experiencing depth therapy as scientific craft, as empirical enactment.

This presentation suggests that the core, unique aspect of Jungian psychology and analysis in this age of increasing metric profession, psychology by the numbers, is its fundamental psycho-spiritual orientation, its essential anchoring in liminal realms.  This multi-media presentation will use film, art, and masked clinical example to attempt a contribution toward this rehabilitation of craft, this re-visioning of Jungian psychology and analytic vocation as religious event, as sacramental occasion.  A brief concluding aside will allude to the growing planetary dimensions of this psychology and craft, stressing the urgency of reconnecting to the Anima Mundi spirit so wounded at the core of contemporary individual and collective psyche.

Friday night’s lecture will lay out an overview of the model, while Saturday’s session will deepen and amplify the material through interactive play with the presented media examples.

“Whatever spirituality is, we know from our glimpses along the frontier with the transcendent that it wants to step over into living”.

- Ann Belford Ulanov