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September 24, October 1, October 8, 1999: Friday Night at the Movies

As a young boy, Jung "somehow" knew his dreams were significant and full of meaning. His early attention to those dream images was, for all humankind, the answer to the knocking at the door by the unconscious desiring entry into the conscious world. Stephen Segaller’s narrative of Jung’s journey — a series of three films — opens the door for the viewer to travel with Jung into the depths and unfolding of the conscious in the psychological realm of life. Segaller’s film is a chronological montage of images from the "outer world" and the "inner world" using interviews with Jung, commentary by contemporary analysts, paintings of dream images and rare footage of Jung’s travels to Africa, Britain and New Mexico.

This film will be shown in three parts, and after each showing a discussion will be led by Jungian analysts. All showings are free.


Part One: A Life of Dreams Friday, September 24, 7:30 – 9:15 pm
Discussion led by Robert Stuckey, Ph.D., and Dunbar Carpenter, Psy.D.
Jung’s early life, genesis of his understanding of the reality of the psyche
Part Two: Inheritance of Dreams Friday, October 1, 7:30 – 9:15 pm
Discussion led by Robert Davis, Ph.D., and Mark Girard, M.S.W.
Jung’s second half of life, descent into the collective unconscious, encounter with archtypes.
Part Three: A World of Dreams Friday, October 8, 7:30 – 9:15 pm
Discussion led by James Soliday, D.Min., and Joell Hyman, M.S.
Jung’s influence on understanding the concerns of contemporary Western culture, aging, relationships, war, addictions, myth, ritual and play.

The Wisdom of the Dream
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