September 20, 1991: Special Event-Ian Baker

Lecture: This lecture will draw on the Greek legends of Antigone and Elektra to explore the subject of father-daughter relationships and their importance in a woman’s development. Dr. Baker will give particular attention to the wounds created by an absent father and to the experience of the wounded feminine for men as well as women. 


Ian Baker, Ph.D. British by nationality, is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Zurich. He is a graduate of the Jung Institute in Zurich, a lecturer there and a training analyst. He holds a Masters Degree in Medieval Philosophy and Philology from Cambridge, and a Doctorate in Psychology from the Institute for Humanistic Psychology in San Francisco. He has ties and roots in many countries having lived in Aftrica for 5 years, in Sweden, his wife’s home country, in the United States and Switzerland, as well as England, the country of his birth. 

Antigone and Elektra: The Missing Father and the Suffering Daughter