September 19-20, 2008: Katherine Sanford


In our time, the cultural split within the Western psyche has reached critical proportions—a perilous split in which Father Spirit and Mother Nature have been rent asunder. And we suffering individuals, as microcosms within the macrocosm, bear the task of consciously redeeming the chthonic feminine spirit that carries within it the wisdom of the serpent—the innate wisdom of the psyche that emerges from the unconscious to heal this split.

Tonight’s lecture will present a series of twenty-three archetypal images painted by the presenter out of a series of sixty-three paintings spanning the years 1959 to 1987, along with dialogues she entered into with their symbolic figures, portraying a life-saving inner journey to heal the maternal wound at the core of her psyche. Katherine Sanford will use these paintings and their accompanying text to reflect upon the transformative power of active imagination, demonstrating its use as one of the most profoundly effective tools for furthering the individuation process.

Workshop: Our Inner Partners—The Anima and Animus

On Saturday, the workshop will focus upon two classical components of Jungian psychology, the anima and the animus, by exploring the crucial role the contra-sexual inner partner plays in both a man’s and a woman’s relationship to the archetypal feminine dimension of the human personality. We will focus on how the anima/animus functions as an unconscious “other” within the psyche and discuss how this dynamic energy might consciously be employed as a creative force within the individuation process. (Please note this workshop will have a shortened time-frame and a half-hour lunch-break. Participants are encouraged to bring brown-bag lunches.)

Katie Sanford, M.A., M.F.C., is a certified Jungian analyst in Del Mar, Calif. She studied at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland in the mid-1950s and trained at the Los Angeles Jung Institute where she received her certification in 1978. She is a founding member of the Friends of Jung, San Diego. She has lectured nationally and internationally and at 89 years of age, published her book The Serpent and the Cross, with its 62 archetypal paintings covering 30 years intense inner work.

The Serpent and the Cross–Spanning the Split through Active Imagination