September 18-19, 1987: Thomas B. Kirsch, M.D.

Lecture: The Early Life and Work of C.G. Jung

This lecture will deal with material from the Zofinga lectures given while Jung was still a medical student. It will touch on his early dreams as well as his relationship with Freud.

Workshop: Inner and Outer Factors of the Psyche

Dr. Kirsch will lead a clinically oriented workshop on this topic. Time permitting, there will be presentation of some case material and exploration of the use of dreams.  


Dr. Kirsch received his B.A. degree from Reed College in 1957. A graduate of Yale School of Medicine, he took his Psychiatric Residency at Stanford, later joining the faculty there as Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry. A Jungian analyst, he is in private practice in Palo Alto. He is also past president of the Jung Institute, San Francisco and is presently first Vice President of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. His interest in dreams and in the life of C.G. Jung has led to the publication of numerous papers on these subjects.

The Early Life and Work of C.G. Jung