September 13-14, 1991: Kathrin Asper

Lecture: Reflections on Childhood and the Child in the Analysis of Adults

This presentation on childhood will attempt to show the importance of analyzing childhood and relating to the personal childhood past of each of us. In addition we will look at the symbolic child within us. How we trust it and whether we value its messages determines the degree of psychological and spiritual integration we strive for during our lifetime. 

Workshop: The Child as Image and Reality in Art and Fairytales

We all share the child beacuse we all experienced childhood and we all carry a symbolic inner child within us on a daily basis until death. Two important avenues into this world are fairytales and artistic creation. 

In this experiential workshop participants will be encouraged to actively share ideas and associations to the material presented to them. The workshop also serves as a container for sharing personal experiences. how do you experience your parents and their value system? Your siblings? Who is your symbolic child? What is the relevance of the inner child in your life? Do we or do we not have easy access? How can you best utilize the wisdom of the inner child? 


Kathrin Asper, Ph.D. a teacher by training with a doctorate in literature, is a practicing analyst in Zurich, and a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute. She is a member of the Board, a lecturer and training analyst. Her book, The Inner Child in Dreams will be published by Shambala, Boston this fall. 

The Child: Image & Reality