Reading List for Robert Romanyshyn, November 2011

Books by Robert Romanyshyn, and available in the OFJ Fae Dougan Library:


Mirror and Metaphor:  Images and Stories of Psychological Life (2001)


The Soul in Grief:  Love, Death and Transformation (1999).  Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.


Technology as Symptom and Dream (1989).  London, New York: Routledge.


Ways of the Heart:  Essays Toward an Imaginal Psychology (2002).  Pittsburgh: Trivium Publications.


The Wounded Researcher:  Research with Soul in Mind (2007).  New Orleans: Spring Journal Books.  [not in OFJ library]


                             Relevant to his topic, Dr. Romanyshyn also recommends:


Chapters in Edited Volumes:

The Body in Psychotherapy:  Contributions of Merleau-Pont.  In: Body, Mind and Healing after Jung (2010), R. Jones (ed.), London: Routledge.


Thinking in the Space between Phenomenology and Archetypal Psychology.  In: Archetypal Psychologies:  Reflections in Honor of James Hillman, S. Marlan (ed.) (2008).  New Orleans:  Spring Journal Books.


Journal Article:

“The Melting Polar Ice:  Revisiting Technology as Symptom and Dream”  In: Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture: Technology, Cyberspace, and Psyche, Vol, 80, Fall 2008.



Antarctica:  Inner Journeys in the Outer World  [or google:  Antarctica: Inner Journeys]


OFJ Library Recommendation, available in OFJ Fae Dougan Library,

The Earth Has a Soul:  The Nature Writings of C.G. Jung, (2002) Meredith Sabini (ed.)