Reading List for Pittman McGehee, September 2004


Pittman McGehee, MDiv

Burn the Barn

The Hero Journey

September 17-18, 2004

Taped Lectures by Pittman McGehee (partial list)

The Jung and Theology Series were presented in a lecture-response-discussion format by Pittman McGehee and Henry Straw at the C.G. Jung Educational Center in Houston. Together, they explore the depths of Christian spirituality in dialogue with the discoveries of analytical psychology:

  1. Christianity in the Age of Aquarius — Focusing on the future of Christianity, Pittman discusses the seven sacraments of the church: Baptism, the Eucharist, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage, Confession, and Holy Unction. Henry discusses the major doctrines: God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Sin and Salvation, Resurrection and Eternal Life, and the Apocalypse (11 cassettes, Spring 1995).

  3. Love and Spiritual Experience — Pittman examines the idea of love in psychoanalysis and in Christianity. Henry explores the idea of mystical experience and the role of experience in spirituality (12 cassettes, Spring 1996).

  5. Back to the Bible — The focus of this exploration is an encounter with the scriptural narrative, the old stories at the heart of the Christian tradition (12 cassettes, Fall 1996).

  7. Conversations on Spirituality — (12 cassettes, Fall 1997).

  9. An Open Forum on Spirituality – Looking at such issues as theological doctrines, current trends, and popular culture from a particular Jungian, hermeneutic, or worldview (12 cassettes, Fall 1998).

  11. The Paradox of Relationships: I Alone Can Become Myself; I Cannot Become Myself Alone – This series was presented for The Houston Seminar. Contents include : 1) If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother! 2) Where Hall all the Fathers Gone? 3) Is There a Magic Other? 4) Me, Myself, and I (4 cassettes, Spring 1999).

  13. Psychology of the Sacraments — This series was presented for The Center for Theological Studies at Christ Church Cathedral. Contents include : 1) Baptism 2) Eucharist 3) Holy Matrimony 4)Confession, Confirmation, Ordination, and Unction (4 cassettes, Spring 1999).

  15. Introduction to Depth Psychology: Jung’s Map of the Soul – As Jung did not develop a systematic map of the psyche, this eleven-part series endeavors to provide a more systematic overview of Jung’s concept of individuation; a new dynamic vocabulary to describe psychic process; an understanding of the importance of typ9ology and active imagination; and an appreciation of the essential religious dimension of human experience (11 cassettes).

  17. Sense and Sensuousness – This four-part series was presented for The Houston Seminar (4 cassettes, Winter 2000).

  19. Denial of Death – A commentary on the book The Denial of Death by Ernst Becker, presented for the Center for Theological Studies (4 cassettes, Fall 2000).

Lectures available from The Institute for the Advancement of Psychology and Spirituality (IAPS)

1215 Barkdull, Houston Texas 77006, phone: 713-522-9213.