Reading List for Joan Chodorow, May 2004

Dr. Joan Chodorow
Emotions and the Archetypal Imagination
May 14-15, 2004

Books and Journal Articles by Dr. Chodorow (partial list)

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Lectures Workshops, and Tapes

The Unholy Trinity: Feminine, Body, Shadow. Lecture (1985)
The Self in Motion. Lecture #204 (1985)
The Emotions: Psyche’s Body–The Archetypal Effects. Lecture #252 (1985)
To Move and Be Moved. Workshop (1985)
Body, Psyche, and the Emotions. Lecture #472 (1991)
The Moving Imagination. Workshop# 473 (1991) Missing
Sibling Position and Family Atmosphere. Lecture with Louis Stewart (1992)
The Moving Imagination. Workshop (1992)
A New Look at Active Imagination. Lecture #748 (1999)
Moving Active Imagination (1999)
Emotions and the Archetypal Imagination. Lecture (2004)
Emotions and the Archetypal Imagination. Workshop (2004)

Additional Recommendations

Adler, Janet (2002) Offering from the Conscious Body. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions.
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