Our Fall 2013 Season

September 27 – 28:  Pacifica Graduate Institute Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life Faculty, Jim Kline, Ph.d 

The Fear of Death and the Longing for Immortality

  • Lecture: “Primal Fears Explored with Humanity’s Oldest Story as Our Guide – The Epic of Gilgamesh”
  • Workshop: “Insights into the Achievement of True Immortality.”


October 18 – 19:  Jungian analyst, Melanie Starr Costello, Ph.D.  

  • Lecture:  “A Luminous Darkness:  Aging and the Spiritual Path”
  • Workshop:  “Decline and Ascent:  The Paradoxical Passage to Elderhood”


November 8 – 9:  Clinical Psychologist and Pacifica Graduate Institute Faculty, Glen Slater, Ph.D.  

  • Lecture:  “Archetypal Images:  Reflections on James Hillman and Jungian Thought”
  • Workshop:  “Archetypal Cinema:  Applying James Hillman’s Psychology to Film”


December 6 – 7:  Jungian analyst and founder of Cameras without Borders, Eberhard Riedel, Ph.D., D.C.S.W.

  • Lecture & Workshop: “Psychological Trauma and Listening with the Heart”


Locations and other details for these events will be posted at www.ofj.org in the weeks to come – and will also be included in OFJ’s Fall 2013 brochure, which will be mailed in late August.