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I have combined my Jungian studies and poetry writing for decades. If others are interested in poetry that is symbolic, introspective and shares a Jungian outlook, the following books are available at my website (below) and on my etsy site (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CathyMcGuire): Palimpsests (24 pages) – The myths continue to live in us. I wrote most of these while working as a therapist on Portland’s inpatient psych units. Includes: Icarus Meets Hades, Athena in Khaki, Demeter Moment. $10 Elegy for the 21st Century (98 pages) – Social commentary poems, looking below the surface to the symbols and patterns of modern culture. Includes: Japan Washes Ashore in Oregon, All Models are Wrong but Some Are Useful, Squatter’s Flag and the dated but still fun Love Song of G. Dubya Bushwack. $16

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