Masculinity, Spirituality and Our Journey of Wholeness


We are confronted daily with the plagues of Western Culture – we struggle to maintain our footing while the world seems to be unmade and remade before our eyes. For men, in particular, there is a growing recognition that the paradigm and conditioning of this “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy” (as bell hooks names it) is not healthy or sustainable.

Over 8 weeks, we will explore this system, examining the myths, memes, and meanings that are often taken for granted in this culture, while we explore ways to nourish a more expansive understanding of what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a human in this world.

We will include many of the concepts that C.G. Jung brought to us, including notions of Archetypes, Shadow and the Anima Mundi. We will also examine perspectives on masculinity and belonging in the writings of thinkers such as Michael Meade and Robin Wall Kimmerer. There will be short readings between meetings, and time for discussion and practice when we gather. My hope is that our time together will help you to deepen your own spiritual practice, and there will be much discussion about Ritual, Community, and Embodied Wisdom as anchor points to our work.

When: Mondays from 6 – 7:30pm, Pacific Time. June 13 – August 22, 2022
Where: Online with Zoom.
How Much: $120 for 8 meetings.
Who: This gathering is limited to those who identify as male.
Contact: Rick Brodner – [email protected]

Course Outline:

Meeting 1 – 6/13: We Gather Together
Meeting 2 – 6/20: North – what Star guides me?
Meeting 3 – 7/11: South – what Anchors me in this World?
Meeting 4 – 7/18: East – how can I attune more deeply to the song of Creation?
Meeting 5 – 7/25: West – how can I relate more closely to Death and Destruction?
Meeting 6 – 8/1: Above – how does the Anima Mundi move through me?
Meeting 7 – 8/8: Below – what is the place for the Wisdom of the Underworld in my Life?
Meeting 8 – 8/22: We Part with Grace

Rick Brodner, MSW has been a member of OFJ for many years, and recently served on the OFJ Board. He has participated in many men’s groups as leader, facilitator, and member, and trained with Jeff Carriera as a meditation teacher. Rick has a long-running interest in metaphysics, philosophy, and spiritual community.

Why is this only for men?
This kind of work requires a level of vulnerability and emotional discomfort that is more available to men when women are not present. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

More Info

Contact: Rick Brodner