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Archetypal Animals Studio 1

Title: Archetypal Animals Studio 1 Dates: Oct 23 – Dec 11, 2023 Time: Mondays 6-8PM PST Duration: 8 Weeks Location: Online in Zoom Needed: Computer or iPad Cost: $195 Instructor: Justin Hamacher Register: [email protected] Info: www.cascadejungianservices.org Course Description: In this online studio course we will explore internal and external psychological landscapes through the lens of animal archetypes. Across times and cultures archetypal animal images have played a healing role in communities, through individual and shamanic work. Together over the 8 weeks each class member will build an animal and plant family that collects personally inspiring and grounding archetypal themes. Weeks will have creative prompts, introductory Jungian terms and sharing of ideas and processes. In our exercises and activities you will be free to use any artistic medium you feel comfortable with, though demonstrations of multiple mediums will be offered. An online space called Miro will be used to share work virtually. This is a tremendous way to learn and create in a community and to access some centering tools that can be useful in all parts of one’s life. And it’s fun! Hope to have you join us. Instructor Bio: Justin Hamacher is an artist, professor, designer, composer and Jungian practitioner based out of Portland Oregon. He is a diploma candidate in Jungian psychoanalysis under supervision of the CG Jung Institute Zurich and is training as an Oregon state licensed psilocybin facilitator.

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