October 9 and 10, 2009: Lara Newton


Lara NewtonLara Newton lays the foundation for a new psychological perspective on the brother-sister relationship.  She explores that relationship in all its variety, both externally in the world of interpersonal and cultural relationships and internally in the relationship between conscious and unconscious, and masculine and feminine. 

In this lecture, based on a book she worked on for over a decade, Lara will present the process of transformation from bonding to wounding and finally to healing and redemption. This transformation process takes the brother-sister relationship from an outer experience, whether negative or positive, to a powerful intrapsychic reality, for any individual who takes up the challenge of relating to this psychological phenomenon.  In the course of the evening, Lara will also share some poetic material and brother-sister stories that inspired her. 

Lara writes in her book, Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship, “Brother and sister point the way toward a new understanding of companionship and mutuality because first and foremost, they are companions… At this point in history, we must remember that there is power, not only in conflict and discord, but also in harmony and equanimity.”  In a spirit of companionship, Lara shares her insights and welcomes discussion with her sister (and brother) Jungian community in Portland.

Workshop:  Variations on the Theme of Companionship–Brother-Sister Relationships

This workshop will focus on specific patterns in brother-sister relationships, dark and troublesome patterns as well as positive companionships, and their effect on the psychological development of both women and men.  We will explore fairytales and dreams in order to examine in depth the process of transformation within the psyche. All participants are encouraged to bring in questions, dreams, or life stores for discussion.

(Please note this workshop will have a half-hour lunch-break. Participants are encouraged to bring brown-bag lunches.)



Lara Newton, M.A., L.P.C. is a senior diplomate Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Denver, Colorado.  She has been a therapist since 1982.  Lara is currently coordinator of admissions and co-coordinator of training for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado, a branch of the Interregional Society of Jungian Analysts.  She is also Vice-President of that organiation.  She has been President of the Jung Society of Colorado, based in Denver, since 1996.  Her first book, Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship, was published by Spring Journal Books in May 2007.  She has also published journal articles on feminine psychology and on mythological studies.

The Power of Compansionship: The Psychology of Brother-Sister Relationships