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October 5, 2000: Special Evening — Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman is renowned as a chronicler of women’s experience. In her latest work, she combines her trademark insight with a personal lesson in wisdom and strength. On November 7, 1993, Marion Woodman was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Bone is the story, told in journal form, of her illness and healing and the journey to transforming herself.

More than a meditation on illness, Bone offers insights into healing and the role of art and poetry in the soul’s journey toward balance and wholeness. Woodman is extraordinarily honest about the factors she feels led her down the path to cancer, physically and spiritually, over the course of her early life. She also details the harrowing aspects of her journey and how she ultimately returned to health. Filled with art, line drawings, quotations from Rumi, Emily Dickinson, William Blake and others, Bone is a unique and sensitive testament to the human spirit and to the courage of this extraordinary woman.


Marion Woodman, Ph. D. Hon., is a Jungian analyst and a leader in exploring the deeper levels of the feminine. She is the author of many acclaimed books which bridge the fields of analytical psychology and feminine psychology including, Addiction to Perfection and Leaving My Father’s House.

Bone: Dying into Life
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