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October 22-23, 1999: Terry Gibson

We all long for paradise. No matter our psycho-spiritual persuasion, no matter how mature and individuated we fancy ourselves to be, no matter how suavely world-wise, we all long for paradise when things get tough. Paradise is home, the peaceful, generative home of full and final beauty and peace we never seem to find in this world. Paradise is the abode of the Soul.

Film and Jungian psychology have many images of this paradisiacal home. These seem to be intensifying and deepening as the millennium approaches. This lecture and workshop will respectfully explore these images and reflect on their possible guidance and challenge in our journey toward the Gates of Paradise. As always with such conversations, no answers are promised, just a broadening and enhancing of our questions.


Terrill L. Gibson, Ph.D., is a diplomate pastoral psychotherapist and diploma Jungian analyst who practices individual and family therapy in Tacoma. He lectures and writes widely on the basic theme of the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. He has frequently served as a consultant, faculty member, supervisor and facilitator for a variety of Pacific Northwest universities, social service agencies, corporations, and religious congregations. A book he co-edited with Laura Dodson, Ph.D., Psyche and Family (Chiron Press) is his most recent publication.

Paradise & Millennium: A Jungian Reflection on Cinematic Images of the Perfection of Soul in Times of Intense Collective Transition
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