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October 19-20, 1990: Peter Rutter

Lecture: When Men in Power Betray Women’s Trust

Dr. Rutter’s recently published book has challenged both professionals and their clients to confront the hidden epidemic of sexual contact between male professionals-therapists, doctors, clergy, lawyers, teachers, and mentors-and women under their care or tutelage, Dr. Rutter will elaborate on his Jungian understanding of the archetypal power emanating from the unconscious that can invest forbidden-zone relationships with overwhelming erotic allure. He will also discuss ways in which both men and women can develop healthier means of dealing with sexual boundary problems over which they may feel lack of control, ambivalence, or vulnerability to invasion.
Workshop: A Focal Point in the Struggle for Personal Transformation and Cultural Evolution

Dr. Rutter’s work on sexual exploitation does more than focus attention on seldom discussed areas of sexual boundary violation. He shows how forbidden-zone relationships, when ethically pursued, have immesurable value in providing us access to the deepest resources of self, which, in turn, can help us to explore and integrate personal shadow issues relating to power, to sexual fantasy and to the search for healing and wholeness. The workshop will allow discussion of the way these personal issues are linked in the forbidden zone to wider social issues such as our culture’s struggle to re-balance masculine and feminine power, and to re-value the inner life and the life of the unconscious.


Peter Rutter, M.D.,  is a psyciatrist and Jungian Analyst in practice in San Francisco. He is a faculty member and chair of the ethics committee oc the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and an Associate Clincal Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California Medical School, San Francisco. He is the author of Sex in the Forbidden Zone: When Men in Power Betray Women’s Trust (Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc., 1989). This book has also been published in Great Britain, and translated into Dutch, German, French, and Italian.

Sex in the Forbidden Zone
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