October 17-18, 1986: Verena Kast

Lecture: Changing Relation Fantasies as Releasing Point in the Partnership 

Our relationships are based on how we imagine a relationship-and our imaginations are most lively when we are in love. In our fantasies it is not only evident what our partners could mean for us, but we also imagine what can be loved in us.

Couples of gods-such as Shiva and Shakti, Ishtar and Tammuz, Zeus and Hera, Merlin and Viviane as well as Shulamit and Salome each symbolize a strange kind of love relationship, be this a symbiosis, a mother-son relationship, a controversial marriage, the relationship of elder man to young girl or the nowadays especially fascinating relationship of “brotherman” and “sisterwoman”. Crises in relationship often grow as our archetypal relation fantasies change.

Workshop: A Workshop on Fairy Tales

This workshop is designed to help participants get in touch with a fairy tale by means of imagination and psychodrama and to experience the reality of the connection between the symbolic world of the fairy tales and the symbolic worlds of their own psyches. Some interpretation of the fairy tale will follow.


Dr. Verena Kast holds her doctorate in psychology. She is a staff member of the University of Zurich, Department of Psychology as well as a training analyst and lecturer at the C.J. Jung Institute, Zurich.

Changing Relation Fantasies as Releasing Point In The Partnership