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October 16-17, 1992: Carol S. Pearson

Lecture: This slide/lecture describes briefly twelve archetypes which can act as guides on the journey of individuation. This journey has three parts. Preparation for the journey involves developing ego strength and becoming properly socialized for one’s society. The Journey itself is an initiation into the mysteries which help us give birth to the Self. The Return provides the opportunity for wholeness, as we learn to express our uniqueness in the world and tolerate differences from others. 

Workshop: This experiential workshop allows participants the opportunity to identify heroic archetypes active in their lives. Through myth, story, fantasy, movement, and sharing, participants can celebrate their own journeys and the archetypes which are, or have been, active in them. Most important, participants will be encouraged to identify their own “great story”, the myth that can energize and enliven their lives now and in the future. 


Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., is the President of Meristem, a non-profit organization for training and consultation in professional development and personal growth. She has served as Dean and Vice President of Goucher College; and Director of Women’s Studies at University of Colorado, Boulder, and later at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has been a tenured faculty member at each of these colleges and universities. She is the author of six books, including Awakening the Heroes Within. She has a forthcoming book, Magic at Work: Thriving With Integrity in Today’s Changing World of Work. She received a Ph.D. in English from Rice University in 1971 and postgraduate training in Personal Mythology and Jungian psychology. 

Awakening the Heroes Within
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