November 21-22, 1986: John Allan and Eve Allan

Lecture: Key Stages of the Inner Journey

You would not find the boundaries of the soul, even by travelling every path; so deep a measure does it have.”


The journey has long been a symbol for spiritual quest and for the desire for discovery, change, and renewal. To travel this journey is to see an internal experience of ourselves; a revisiting of our past, a reconnecting with lost dreams and a search for new ones. We undertake this journey or find ourselves on it often during times of darkness, loss, or yearning. As we struggle to move toward warmth and light we may find ourselves discovering the mysteries and depths of the soul.

The lecture will consist of an exploration of key stages in the inner journey as depicted in the art work and stories of children, adolescents and adults. Participants will have an opportunity for brief introspection, visualization and meditation on their experiences with these archetypal themes.

Workshop: Workshop on the Inner Journey 

Participants will be offered a context in which to explore and symbolize the nature of their recent or current journeys. Various processes of experiencing and representing will be employed: inner visualization and sensory techniques, art materials, body movement and words. Often a new environment, different methods or combinations of them can activate the light of insight and the warmth of renewed connection with the psyche. Participants will be encouraged to respect their appropriate level of privacy/openness with inner imagery.


John Allan, a Jungian analyst and an Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. He has written extensively on symbolic therapies with children, on counseling in the elementary schools, and on holding therapy.

Eva Allan M.Ed. is in private practice as a registered psychologist in British Columbia and is a counselor at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver. She is a practicing artist.

The Inner Journey