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November 20-21, 1992: Lawrence W. Jaffe

Lecture: Individuation Through Marriage: The Revolution in Love Relationships Between the Sexes

Relationship problems form the main content of most analytic hours. Because intimate relationships reactivate archaic levels of the psyche, notably our childhood woundings, therapeutic efforts rightly center upon the healing of those wounds through the application of consciousness. But Jung reminds us of what ancient medicine knew and modern medicine has largely forgotten: that when a personal disease is raised to a higher, impersonal level there is a curative effect. This lecture will attempt to understand the crisis in love relationships not so much as the sum of personal problems, but as a collective, cultural movement of the spirit.

Workshop: Depth Psychological Prayer: Meditations on Jung and the Bible

The reality of the psyche is perhaps Jung’s most important discovery but it is easy to lose sight of it living in the most extroverted society the world has ever known. With the declining influence in our lives of religion, only depth psychotherapy remains as an institution that can keep us in touch with our souls (psyches). But we need something to supplement depth psychotherapy and reminds us on a daily basis of the existence of an inner world which compensates for the overwhelming power of the collective.


Lawrence W. Jaffe, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Berkeley and a member of the faculty of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. He is the author of Liberating the Heart: Spirituality and Jungian Psychology (1990) and editor of Edward Edinger’s Transformation of the God-Image: An Elucidation of Jung’s “Answer to Job” (1992). He was also interviewer and co-producer of the video series An American Jungian: Edward F. Edinger in conversation with Lawrence Jaffe (1991).¬†

Individuation Through Marriage: The Revolution in Love Relationships Between the Sexes
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