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November 20-21, 1987: Robert Johnson

Lecture: The Wounded Feeling Function

Thinking brings information, sensation brings contact with the physical world, intuition brings possibilities; but it is the feeling function that brings value, worth, meaning. If this function is wounded, as it is in our Modern Western World, we are left with a way of life deficient in meaning, worth, values. This lecture will examine how the feeling process was wounded and some ways of restoring it to strength and health.

Workshop: Man as Hero, Woman as Hero

An early defenition of a Hero indicates that it is someone who defends the cultural patterns of a society. Man makes this defense by keeping safe the form, structure, law, order, defenition of a society. A woman makes an equally valuable and unique defense of a culture by safeguarding love and relationship. We hope to explore these two cultural values, find their paralells and differences. The word Heroine has not been used purposefully so as to avoid the Hollywood connotations of sentimentality so often associated with that word. If the two paths are of equal dignity they must have equally powerful terms.


Robert Johnson. The well known author of He, She, We and Inner Work, Robert Johnson is a native Portlander and one of our favorite speakers. He was educated at Oregon State University, Stanford University and the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich. He has lectured throughout the United States, in England, Japan, and India. He delfights in picturing paralells among the teachings of C.G. Jung, India, and Christianity.

The Wounded Feeling Function
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